Waiting List/Registration

Waiting List

  • Our waiting list is only open for one school year at a time.

  • We will no longer place children on the waiting list for future school years.

  • If your child does not get enrolled for the upcoming school year, it is your responsibility to be placed on the waiting list again the next year. It does not automatically transfer to the next school year.

  • The waiting list will open on January 2nd at 8:00am EACH YEAR for the upcoming next school year that begins the following September. The waiting list is online only and we will not accept phone calls, emails, or information in person. The link to join our waiting list will be posted on our HOME page of the website once it is open.

  • We ask that before you request to be placed on the waiting list, that you have obtained all the information about our preschool and have taken a tour, if interested. Once you are placed on the waiting list, if you are called and offered a spot at our preschool, you will be required to make a decision and pay the registration fees within 24 hours. If you have not accepted the spot within this time period, we will move on to the next family in line.

  • The waiting list will close once it is full, which may be at any time. Please check our website for the status of the waiting list. If we reopen the waiting list at any time, we will post updates on our website.

  • Patron families of Gruene Tree will have priority on the waiting list. If you are a former family of Gruene Tree, you need to call to be placed on the family waiting list.

  • The waiting list will potentially open/ close at different times only for specific ages/classes, as determined by the needs of the preschool.

Registration Process

  • Current Family Registration, for students currently enrolled in the preschool, including incoming siblings, will occur in January (date to be announced) each year at 7:30am. All current students will be guaranteed a spot for the following school year, though in order to pick the days of the week you want, it is first come first served. 
  • If you choose to have your child repeat Pre-Kindergarten with us and not begin Kindergarten when eligible to do so, you will be required to attend different days and/or with a different teacher the following year.
  • Patron families of Gruene Tree may have priority for registration.
  • Registration for those on the waiting list will begin once the Current Family Registration is completed each year, which is usually within one week. Those on the waiting list will be called in the order the information was received. If we do not have an opening for registration, you will be called and notified of where you are on the waiting list at that time.
  • Once you accept and register for a spot at GTLC, whether it was your preferred days or not, the spot you register for will remain for the duration of the school year. EXAMPLE: You want your child to attend Tuesday/Thursday, but all we have available is Monday/Wednesday. Your options will be to stay on the waiting list for a Tuesday/Thursday spot or to accept and register for the Monday/Wednesday spot. **This may be discussed with the director on a case to case basis if you have had an altering family event.
  • For pricing, please see Information and Pricing